Jan 3, 2010

Shelter - more rendering

It wasn't long after Caveman discovered fire that he discovered the bathroom, and then how important it was to have a nice one to attract Mrs Caveman, after all when most caves are bought its the cavewoman who makes the decisions!

So whoever did the work on this place before that, either didnt understand this pronciple, or was a jailor who wanted to bring his work home with him on weekends, because, as you can see, the downstairs "bathroom" looks like it could be at home at Guantanamo Bay or the lower reaches of hell, such is its tragic disgusto-ness.

It has for a long while seemed a bridge too far, but with most of the other major work done, its time to give Godzilla a facelift. The plan is to convert the room from something you might keep your gimp in, to something that you won't have to watch the Blair Witch Project to get desensitised to.

So I want to basically, render it, paint it yellow (or maybe another colour Sara), paint the celinings and the exposed pipes white, and put some tiles down - in Phase I. After that I'd like to put in a vanity or a shower, but being a bit cash-poor at present, that will have to wait a bit.....! For now, its all about making it half-decent.