Aug 28, 2011

Aug 21, 2011


So aquaponics is catching on! There are 3 of us at Caloundra DEM who are into it, Emma gave me some of her black soldier fly larvae (maggots). He family generate a few kilos of them per day (?) and freeze them and feed them to the fish.

They go nuts on the household waste and chow through it all in a short amount of time, seems like a solid way of getting rid of household green waste and turning it via only a few short steps into quality food. Sensational example of a closed loop system to me, really excited about it! Just dont tell the missus... ;)

Aug 17, 2011

2 awesome auqponics videos

Fresh from YouTube today:

Aquaponics setups made with recycled wood, boats and ponds, all aesthetically blended into your backyard. I want to do this soooo much.

Bonus video - some show from the US about Urban Farming

How not to invest

Tried my hand (again) at day trading, after sucking arse at it several hundred times.

Why is it the ads show a relaxed dude in a pool with a laptop when in reality its anything but, requiring and intimate understanding of the technicalities and current markets for foreign exchange, world economics, needing to read every bit of national and corporate economic news, having an understanding of the products each company sells, an understanding of technical analysis, up to the second knowledge on where all the indices are, where all of the resistance and support is for each of these and for all the stocks you are looking at, etc etc.

I mean if ever there was a job that required about 20 hours of hard work each day, this is it. Combined with the fact that if you have a bad day, its not like you go home and kick the cat, you don't have a home...not sure how that translates to pool-side relaxing myself.

Then you have to learn execution and avoid getting horrible fills, and avoid (or make) all the mistakes that everyone makes - "I hate this company I'm going to short it because its crap, how come everyone can't see it, oops there goes my house", or "if i read more about this one company I can be better than it than everyone", never minding the fact its what you think, its what the market thinks.

Then you gotta dodge all the spruikers, the "wall street parrots", all the advertisments promising you "56765765% in the next five seconds", the hot stock tips, avoid putting all your eggs in one basket, avoid putting all your cash in at the beginning and having nothing left, dodging margin calls, avoid the mistake of hanging onto your losers, or having the balls to ride it out for months-years (only for it to rip the moment you sell), and avoid getting bored with things and doing things out of boredom, avoiding doing things just because you can "hety I just got access to the NYSE, sweet, lets buy a shitload of Google" (me).

Its a feeakin' nightmare.

Having said all of that, I had a goodnight with "The Goat" ( at last night. Having a chatroom full of dudes telling you to pull your head in, having old hands leading the way, available to answer questions, makes the whole thing eminently within the realms of possibility after all. My insanely tiny trades were a point of mirth for all, but it was good to learn without too much stress, and a small amount each night/week will hopefully add up in the long term.

Here's to not cocking up (much) more.

Aug 14, 2011

Make a wind turbine from scrap metal

Aug 11, 2011

Primitive Aeroponics with a plastic box

Quick video on a home made aeroponics setup from a plastic tote / archive box, some cheap hoses and sprinklers from a local hydroponics shop. I uninstalled it coz I wanted to put in my floating raft instead but was good to go through the process.

Floating Rafts

After reading what must have been a million times, on how good styrofoam is for floating rafts, I finally got off my arse and made one. I guess I was thinking that it must be possible to buy a full-sized styrofoam raft of some sort, not only cheap, but cut and made to measure grow beds of all sizes, and that these must even be stocked at Coles or Woolies. I made my way to the home maker aisle of wooolies and was shocked that this product was not on sale next to the diet coke and the Handy Ultra - outrage! :)  I dunno what I thought.

This literally set me back about 6 weeks until the other day I thought "why not just cut up some styrofoam boxes" - they sell for $2 at a local greengrocers, who cant get rid of them fast enough it seems. It took about 5 minutes to cut them down and put holes in them, and they fully float in the lower bathtub of the BathTub setup. Each one can carry 10-20 net pots, thus adding about 50 extra plants to the bottom bathtub. Easy as!