Aug 11, 2011

Floating Rafts

After reading what must have been a million times, on how good styrofoam is for floating rafts, I finally got off my arse and made one. I guess I was thinking that it must be possible to buy a full-sized styrofoam raft of some sort, not only cheap, but cut and made to measure grow beds of all sizes, and that these must even be stocked at Coles or Woolies. I made my way to the home maker aisle of wooolies and was shocked that this product was not on sale next to the diet coke and the Handy Ultra - outrage! :)  I dunno what I thought.

This literally set me back about 6 weeks until the other day I thought "why not just cut up some styrofoam boxes" - they sell for $2 at a local greengrocers, who cant get rid of them fast enough it seems. It took about 5 minutes to cut them down and put holes in them, and they fully float in the lower bathtub of the BathTub setup. Each one can carry 10-20 net pots, thus adding about 50 extra plants to the bottom bathtub. Easy as!