Jan 3, 2010

Project Caveman - detailed goals

With the new year, I was thinking about what I'd really like to get to with Project CaveMan.

1. Solar Electricity at the house, about 4kW worth, to get off the grid
2. 3 compost bins, 240L each, 720L all up
3. 40 m2 of garden, proving veges (472kg per year apparently) for 4 people
4. Growing fish in a backyard fish farm
5. A chicken coop with a dozen chickens, for eggs (and "chicken").
6. Water Tank, maybe 10000L
7. Greenhouse for nurturing the seedlings
8. A few worm farms, about 60,000 worms all up.

That's housey stuff anyway.... it would go well with a good camping setup, 4WD and a small boat for adventuring!

So its early days for the housey stuff, but the adventuring is down pat. WIth the house renos kind of just done, its all just getting started but looking fun for the future, will just take a bit of time.