Jan 3, 2010

Guard Your Mango Trees

Who doesn't like (free) mangoes? In my wanderings around Annerley, I have over time, noted that there are many mnay mango trees in vacant lots, on council property, all just sitting there with tons of unused, juicy, delicious mangoes hanging off them, being ignored by the local population.

So, to that end, and in the spirit of dumpster diving (I've only done it ONCE) (but I thought it was pretty cool), Ive been going on some late night raids around Annerley. If you see a suspicious individual wearing black, with a headlamp on his head, and carrying a massive rake, just casually walking around the streets of Annerley, minding his own business ladeedada, give me a wave!

My friend doesnt seem to think that people should need to "guard their mango trees". I have noted that he has since started actually picking his off his tree though, maybe because he knows that I know where he lives :)

Its also given me an insight into what its like to sneak around suburbs late at night. Its pretty cool/creepy. No-one really notices you, most people are inside watching telly, only the odd house will have people hanging outside at night, everyone else is watching telly or on the computer. Yes I have been watching *you* mwahhahhaaaaaaa.

I, paradoxically, call it the "Caveman mentality" -  we all like to get inside at night where its safe and warm, and free from harm from maruding invaders or wild animals. I even have friends who won't venture onto the streets at night in the suburbs, for fear of something bad happening to them. But we'll happily to into the valley, where something bad *might* actually happen to you.