Jul 9, 2011

more fishing

6 July 2011 - More fishing

In another bold experiment, I decided to try to do some dawn fishing, to experiment and see if that would make any difference to my non-ability to catch fish. It was 5:30 by the time I stuffed around and rowed out from a new location, after leaving home at 4:30.

As someone who never gets up before 10, it was a surreal experience being up so early, only trucks and trades are about at that time -not even crazy joggers and cyclists are in motion at that hour. It's a combination of eerie and serene. And cold, very cold. Rowing out in the pre-dawn river was pristine- it was quiet, occasional fish leapt out if the ocean, it felt truly virgin and clean to be out, even if I was in the middle of McMansion central, with oil-spilling multi-million dollar yachts around. Most of which are for sale, my inner caveman wryly noted.

 So, a little later than ideal, I was on Cartwright reef, and the fish were jumping onto the hook. I must have caught a baby of every species, each one returned apart from a brief flurry of sand whiting, 3 of which were kept, with one escaping. Unfortunately I know nought about gutting fish, so I'm just keeping them for bait down the track. Geoff, the bro-in-law-to-be then awoke after a hard night of tour de franking, and we went out to inner gneerings, where I actually found reef, tho not a bite in sight.even tried kayak trawling for the first time, which was technically successful but failed to produce anything, other than a lecture from passing water police on tiger sharks.

 Then imagine s montage of: A quick swim to Mudjimba island, snorkelling to see if i could see any good reefs, was pretty sparse. Then staring vacantly out to sea, only to note the boat drifting off it's anchor, a mad swim/kayak kit to save it after being knocked by a wave into coral and cutting the shot out of my hand. Good times!