Jun 16, 2011

Fishing for dinner

I went out on the boat today to attempt to catch my dinner, and find some spots to do so on a more regular basis. The plan was to take the boat, finally ready for such adventures after weeks of work, out on the water, do some fishing, and then get back as quickly as possible. I left the house at 3, and got out on the reef just outside the river mouth at 4. The fish were going mental, bites within 30 seconds each time. I totally wasn't expecting any bites at all, consistent with the hundred previous attempts. I caught one bream within the first minute, a second bream a few minutes after that, however that was waaaay too small, so went back. Many bites and lost bait later, the sun was setting, and it was time to bail. As usual it took about an hour to get the roof back up and unpacked, the next plan is to reduce that time for the quick trips, try to get it all done in 2-3 hours would be ideal. So, ultimately I finally had some success in getting food sorted out, hoping for more successes over the next few weeks.