Jan 9, 2011

2011 Caveman Goals

So Im planning to make some serious headway this year, after a few years of learning and planning and scheming and plotting.....

To grow my own food, by the end of the year.  To do this Im gonna grow veges, potatoes, pumpkins, and fish in the backyard with a small bathtub aquaponics system, get (a lot) better at catching fish and raise some chickens.  I'm gonna starve...

To use my car 1 day a week, with the array of bicycles at my disposable the rest of the time. I can only get fit, sweaty, stinky and wet right? Oh and hit by a car and end up in hospital.

To invest the money from the house wisely but fairly aggressively, and try to save enough to pay off Sar's house in a few years time. Make something from it throughout the year.

Ideally I want to get OFF THE GRID. But with cash bound to be tight this might have to wait till 2012. Which gives me time to draft that letter to my electricity provider. The one that just says "SUCK IT". This year Im just gonna play with my little camping solar setup on the boat and when we go camping.

Obviously a biggie. We are renting at the moment, and the investing is aiming to pay of Sar's house in a few years, but this one will take time. So no end goals, just a progression to getting her house paid off.

In the meantime I'll get my fill of, and share, ideas relating to the EarthShip concept - that would be the ideal, even if it just mean retrofitting the ideas into a regular Queensland house.