Jan 6, 2010

AquaPonics Fish Tanks

So I dragged FatLoserBoy all over Ipswich today, on the quest to find some suitable containers for holding fish. We looked hi and low, and on the way attempted to find a recycled house stuff warehouse (theyve ALL shut down apparently!).

A few quick stops were made at Bremer Tafe, for FLB to enrol in an Arts Diploma, and ""Town and Country" where the attendant proceeded to tell me how little research I'd actually done.  Get stuffed, attendant.

After an extensive search, including much discussion on making them, looking at raw materials for it even, we ended up at Bunnings (again) and saw they had a 500L tank there for $79. To my mind, starting out on the whole enterprise, it would be the way to go - as opposed to making our own out of wood, cement or metal.The other thing I've *just* found out about is "IBCs", you can 1000L tanks for $100 from eBay.  The only other thing I saw was a Raised Garden Bed made from corrgated iron, but this would set you back close to $300, but looks pretty good.