Dec 16, 2009

Introduction to Project Caveman

Project Caveman is "a project related to Cavemanning". It's about connecting with human endeavours of those who have gone before me, exploring nature and biology, and regaining some human spirit through the following main endeavours:

1. Farming, hunting, gathering my own food
2. Getting off the power grid and supplying my own energy (electricity)
3. Supplying my own shelter and having a comfortable and functional space to live in
4. Exploring my local region and appreciating the natural wonder that surrounds me
5. Trading, for money, and to lessen the reliance on any one employer for income

The idea of this is to try to decrease my reliance on cash, corporates, supermarket chains for my living. Im still of course beholden to banks, employers, Brisbane City Council (mafia) and the general ideals of capitalism of course, but I want to add in elements of naturalism along the way.

I do love technology and will continue to utilise it as much as I want, but on the way I am trying to simplify and take pleasure in being a tiny but self-sufficient and gain an understanding and appreciation of what it takes to not only survive, but to live well on the way and attain some joie de vivre.

This project will encompass many aspects, including: renewable energy, farming, permaculture, worming farming, composting, DIY, renovations, technology, hunting, fishing, markets, trade, dumpster-diving, gathering resources and food, but won't be limited to any one type of idealogy, other than the art of "Modern Day CaveManning" (whatever that is).

This project has been going for a year now, and the first few posts will be a mixture of the old and new, to catch up on the last year and also current endeavours, which build on what has been happening for the last year.