Dec 28, 2009

Fruits of our labours

A few months after beginning from scratch (the very beginning), the original crop of tomato plants have begun to bear fruit, after flowering for a while.

Even the smaller plants have started to flower as well and are beginning to show the same desire to grow fruit.

There is still a lot to learn about how each plant grows and what they do after they reach maturity, but its a good feeling to see some success and results happening at this early stage!

The general process is that after germination, they start to mature, then they will flower. Depending on the plant, they may need another plant to pollinate them, or they may be able to self-pollinate.

Given the close proximity of so many tomato plants, these have been able to have sex with each other in some sort of tomato-based plan orgy.

Of course, no doubt everything will produce at once, and we'll go from no tomatoes to a thousand in the space of a week.

Um, tomatoes anyone?